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Why Sell Phone Cards Online?

Phone Cards are big business. Every Year over $400 million prepaid phone cards are sold in Australia. Imagine if you sold even 0.001% of that number through your website?

Easy sell. Your customers have a very easy decision to make when you tell them that they can save up to 95% on their call without any lost of line quality by simply buying a $5 phone card.

Repeat business. We have been in the phone card business since 2000 and a large proportion of our business are phone card recharges. This means you only need to market to your customer once and they will keep buying from you for many years.

Convenience and value add for your customers. Almost anything can be sold on the internet. However, in today's world where everyone wants instant gratification buying a phone card online provides a better experience than buying phone cards in a shop. This is because rates displayed on your website are always up to date (we ensure this) and phone card PINs are emailed to your customers so they can use their phone card right away.