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Phone Card Sales Partner Program

1) Create your own website selling phone cards today with just a few clicks.

2) For the first 3 months you will earn a commission of 12% on all phone card and recharges sold on your website.

3) There is a link called "Partner Program -$$$" on your phone card website. Anyone that joins our program by clicking on that link on your website is also your partner and you will earn 2% on the sales made from their store.

4) After 3 months you your commission rate will be based on the following pay scale:

Rank Sales volume/ Month Own Shop Commission Partner Commission
President $12,000 20% 2%
Vice President $5,000 16% 2%
Associate $2,000 14% 2%
Manager $1,000 12% 2%
Trainee $100 11% 2%
Grunt $0 - $99 10% 2%

5) Once you have earned over $100 commission you can request for your commission to be paid to you by cheque, direct deposit or Paypal.

6) Joining our partner program is free but we charge a once of setup fee of $10 to cover the cost of setting up your website.